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Here are suppliers and designs of the modern wine rack at very affordable prices.

We have researched the Internet and found suppliers of modern wine racks that offer the best prices.

They are listed here. Take a look at each and compare prices for yourself.

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In the home, the best way to store wine is with a modern wine rack.

There are many different types of wine racks available today. They come on all different shapes and sizes and can be made of many different types of materials.

The most contemporary designs for the modern wine rack seems to favor metal or stainless steel, but some are also made of glass, wood, wrought iron and plastic. A lot will depend on the buyer’s individual taste.

But this fact is most important--for wine to mature the right way and to properly display your wine there is no better method than to use a modern wine rack.

When selecting a modern wine rack you want to make sure you keep certain criteria in mind. For long term storage of wine, the rack should be located in a place that has a fairly constant temperature no higher than 69 degrees. It should also be dark or dimly lit most of the time, have the ability for humidity control and not be subject to regular movement.

A lot of the more contemporary wine racks today are for more short term storage of wine. Their intent is to offer attractive display of your favorite wine for quests or at a gathering.

In each case, the wine racks that are best are those that store the wine horizontally. Horizontal wine racks are best because they keep the cork moist and help to prevent air from entering the bottle. As well, a horizontal wine rack will keep the sediment that naturally separates from wine on the side of the bottle.

Today’s modern wine racks will come in a variety of styles. There are those that sit on a table or counter top. Others are designed to be mounted on a wall. Still others are floor standing. Many have features that allow for stacking, as your wine collection grows.

Some of the more fun wine racks today are designed for just a single bottle.

The intent here is definitely for short term storage and primarily for display. But within this style there are some very unique and creative wine racks available.

When selecting your new wine storage rack be sure to keep in mind where you will place the piece. You want to make sure you have enough room or space for where it will reside.

You will also want to make sure it is strong and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bottles you will be storing.

If you are buying for a growing collection of wine you may want to consider a rack design that allows expansion or stacking so it can accommodate your increasing number of wine bottles.

The final consideration that is always something that has to be considered is your budget. The prices of the modern wine rack can range from just 20-30 dollars on up to several hundred depending on the style, materials it is made of and quantity of bottles it will hold.

We have an affiliation with and have listed below some of the most popular modern wine rack designs today. If you like one and are interested in more information or would like to make a purchase, just click on the photo and you will be taken to


Modern Wine Rack Selections 

medium single botle wine rack 

Boomerang Wine Bottle Stand --CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


modern wine rack 2

Stainless Steel 3-Tier Wine Rack--CICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Wood Slant Wine Rack

Curved Single Bottle Wood Stand Balances Perfectly--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


wine rack4

  8 Bottle Butterfly Wine Rack--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


wine rack5


stainless steel wine rack  

Euro HiLo 7-Bottle Wine Rack - Chrome--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


spiral wine rack

Prodyne R-12 Spiral Wine Rack, 12-Bottle--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


natural wood rack

J.K. Adams MWR-6-PG Hardwood 6-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural with Black Pegs--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Bear Wine Holder

Willie Black Bear Wine Bottle Holder, 9-inch--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


scroll wine rack

Scroll 12-Bottle Wine Rack - Black--CLICK HERE FOR MOR DETAILS


bicycle wine rack 

Bicycle Single Wine Bottle Holder--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


15 bottle wine rack

Oenophilia Bali 15-Bottle Wine Rack, Spiced Pumpkin--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


polished aluminum wine rack

Polished Aluminum X Wine Rack--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


natural wood wine rack

Oenophilia Bali 10-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


waiter wine holder



Eclipse Wine Rack



 wine rack stand

Mission style Wine Rack--CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


 bamboo wine rack

Bamboo54 Bamboo Folding Wine Rack 1802-CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


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