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Best Ways How to Store Wine When Living in an Apartment

 Learning how to store wine the right way is a must for those who are concerned about their wine collection.

Traditionally the best wine storage area is a wine cellar but living in an apartment clearly raises the question of how to store wine properly when clearly you don’t have the needed space to build your own cellar.

If you buy a few bottles of wine for your own regular consumption then you don’t need to worry much about proper wine storage.

But if you are seriously considering building your modest wine collection then you will need to learn how to store wine properly.

Proper storage of wine ensures that the wine ages gracefully because this is where you will be able to taste your wine’s fullness of flavor.

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How to store wineHere are a few tips to help you with this endeavor:

1. Consider the type of wine you are planning to store because different types of wine have slightly different temperatures needed for proper storage. Wines are vulnerable to changes in temperature and lighting so when storing white wine put it inside a closed cabinet or your refrigerator. However this is not the case for red wines because experts recommend that they should not be served cold because this makes the wine lose its flavor.

Keep sparkling wines corked because they easily lose their flavor when constantly exposed to too much light or heat. The best way to store this type of wine is to refrigerate it. If you store a bottle or two Zinfandel or Merlot in a refrigerator, give them a day to adjust to room temperature before serving.

2. To properly store wine even without a cellar and with a limited living space such as an apartment, you will need the following conditions: constant temperature and humidity plus limited lighting. Buy a wine cabinet or what is called a “wine fridge”. If you have the budget buy the higher end models because it has those three elements for proper wine storage because with the fairly decent ones, you will only get temperature control.

3. Many experts say that wine should be stored on its side and not in a standing position to ensure that the wine stays in contact with the cork at all times. This process prevents air from getting inside the wine because when that happens the wine will get oxidized.

4. Now if you can’t afford a wine cabinet, the answer to the question of how to store wine is buying a modern wine rack or a wine closet. However see to it that you don’t place your rack near heat sources such as the top of your refrigerator, ovens, and other appliances that emit heat. Vibration is another enemy of wine storage; therefore don’t place your wine rack on top of appliances that vibrate.

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5. Place your wine closet in an air conditioned room to maintain cooler temperatures. This is especially important in the summer months. As a general rule, store your wines at no less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4.44 degrees Celsius) and not over 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12.77 degrees Celsius).

If you don’t have air-conditioning place your wine closet at the center of your apartment and not near windows and air vents. To keep humidity constant you can use a humidifier.

6. Storing wine adheres to the simple principle that heat will rise, ergo wines that require the lowest storage temperature should be at the lowest shelf. The proper way to stack your precious wines using a wine rack is to place white whiles on the top most level followed by red wines while sparkling wines should go to the lowest shelf.

7. A great option for smaller spaces such as apartments is a hanging wine rack not only is this practical because you can hang the rack but aesthetically they have interesting designs that are eye catching. Be certain that the metal wine rack is placed in an area where it’s not easy to be toppled over.

Now that you know how to store wine properly here’s hoping for many celebrations to come with your precious wine collection giving life to the party.



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