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How to Shop for Inexpensive Wines Without Sacrificing Quality

Great enjoyable wine does not have to be expensive. Here is how to find inexpensive wines without sacrificing quality.

Wine is an integral part of many households but there are some who think of wine as an indulgence because they don’t know how to shop for inexpensive wines.

For many years drinking wine was considered an expensive hobby because the really good and well known brands did not come cheap. That has all changed today.

If you’re interested in how to acquire good quality, but inexpensive wines then read on. It is not as hard as you may think.

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Here are easy ways to save when buying wine and still get all the taste and quality you are looking for:

Inexpensive Wine1. Read wine magazines, cooking magazines, housekeeping magazines, lifestyle magazines, food and travel magazines, and/or food and beverage magazines because they often feature wines that cost less. For instance every month the magazine Wine Spectator features excellent wines that costs below $20.

You can also surf the Internet for sites that lists articles on cheap but good, quality wines. A highly recommended site is This is a website that publishes a lot of interesting wine related articles and reviews related to low cost wines.

2. Buying wines by box is a great way to save money on wines because they will usually fetch at $14 to $18 plus they are able to hold 3 litres of wine, which is about 4 bottles. When you compute the cost per bottle you will end up with great savings, which makes it a great choice if you are holding a wine tasting party in a few days.

3. Try to befriend the local grocer or shopkeeper because though they may be selling pricey bottles it doesn’t mean they will not be willing to help you find wines that you can afford without sacrificing quality. Often at specialty wine stores they have sales on wines and ask to be put on their mailing list so you will get notice when this event happens.

4. Cork or screw cap? While before, many shun wines that have screw caps these days many wine gurus advocate the belief that wines with screw caps is an indicator of bad tasting wine. This is because these days many wine bottlers opt for screw caps to preserve wine longer and to prevent the corky taste, plus wouldn’t it be great if in your next party you can open your wine with just a single twist?

5. When buying less than $15 wines at the store, look for those bottles that have the least number in stocks because this usually means that those wines are well-liked and thus are the best sellers among those inexpensive wines.

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6. Wine tasting events are a great way to gather information on wines in general. Many stores do this to get people to enter their premises. If you find a low-priced wine that you like, write down necessary information such as of course the name and the vintage year because the same wine can taste differently when it comes to the year it was bottled.

7. If you’re new to buying, you can always enlist the help of your friends. Ask for their opinion and/or recommendations and see if their taste is the same as yours.

8. Be sure to try out wines from other wine producing regions of the world such as Argentina and Chile. Most of their wineries focus more on sustainable income rather than commercialisation and you will be surprised that their wines although not costly are at par when it comes to quality with wines from Italy and other parts of Europe.

9.  Buy in quantity if you find good wines on sale that are usually higher priced.  If you have a modern wine rack at home that will make a great place to store extra inexpensive wines before you are ready to enjoy them.



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