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Modular Wine Rack

A modular wine rack is the perfect solution if you are a wine enthusiast with a growing collection of wines.

Here are suppliers we have found that offer modular wine racks for great prices.

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Modular wine racks are also referred to as stackable wine racks. So, when you go shopping for this handy type of wine storage solution you will not be confused. Both are designed so that you can add or take away compartments, layers, bins or cubes as your wine collection grows or becomes smaller.
This type of
modern wine rack stores each bottle of wine on its side, horizontally, so the cork will remain wet. This is the proper way to store wine. By storing wine in this manner it prevents the cork from drying out and keeps air from entering the bottle. Both of these problems can lead to spoiling of your wine.
Modular wine racks come in different varieties:

Storage Bins
Storage bins are one type of modular wine rack. They are generally square and the bottles stack on top of one another vs. in individual cubbies like in other wine storage furniture. This provides maximum storage capacity for the dollar. The bins easily stack on top of each other as the need grows to store more and more wine.

Stackable Racks
Stackable Racks are very versatile for wine enthusiasts that have more room. They generally feature the ability to add or take away complete rows where wines can be placed for storage.

Modular Wine Rack Kits
Modular Wine racks even come in kit varieties so they can be built at home and be customized to fit just about every situation.
Most all modular wine racks are made of various types of wood. Some, a lesser amount, are constructed of plastic and stainless steel.
An important consideration to remember when purchasing a modular storage solution is to know in advance where it will be placed in your home or wine cellar. Make sure you have the proper space and don’t forget about the height.
Also, keep in mind what the size of the wine bottle will be that you need to store. Do you typically store standard size wine bottles or do you store magnums? The magnums have a larger circumference and you need to be sure the cubby, or slot will be large enough.
The biggest benefit of the modular wine rack and why you should consider one is its ability to grow with your collection of wines. A modular wine storage solution can start small providing just enough storage for a few bottles. But if your space allows it can grow to accommodate larger and larger collection of bottles with ease.

This is also a very economical way to store large quantities of wine bottles. By comparison, wine cabinets can be quite expensive. As well, if you are starting out with a small collection you don’t have to look at lots of empty space on the larger fully built out racks or cabinets. Your modular rack can grow as your collection grows.

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72 Bottle Modular Rack

72 Bottles Modular Hardwood Wine Rack (12 bottles x 6 shelves)


36 Bottle Modular Wine Rack

36 Bottles Modular Hardwood Wine Rack (6 bottles x 6 shelves)


 40 Bottle Modular Rack

Modular 40 Bottle Wine Rack (Mahogany



24 Bottle Modular Rack 

Modular Wine Rack - 24 Bottle - Pine Wood (Pine) (20"H x 20"W x 8 3/4"D)


12 Bottle Modular Rack

Modular 12 Bottle Wine Rack (Natural)


 Black Modular Wine Cube

Matrix Modular Wine Rack in Black 



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