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Surprising New Health Benefits of Red Wine

Health Benefits of Red WineThe health benefits of red wine have been extolled time and time again through various research done to determine why it’s good for the body.

If your goal is to have a healthy body without having to give up the occasional glass of wine read on and find out the amazing health benefits of red wine.

The great philosopher Plato was right when he said, "Nothing more excellent or valuable than wine was ever granted by the Gods to man." There are many health benefits of red wine that are supported by various research and studies.


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It is all about Anti Oxidants Found in Red Wine

In France there are areas where the general population consume a high fat diet and yet they have a lower incidence of high blood pressure than other countries in the world. Known as the French paradox, many studies were done to red wine to find out what is the cause of such a phenomenon.

In a study comparing French red wine and German red wine it came out the former wine is superior to the latter in terms of the health benefits it provides because of the high levels of antioxidants present in French wine. Red wine has certain chemicals that are responsible for protecting the heart.

One of the most studied antioxidants found in red wine is Resveratrol, which can be found in the skins and the seeds of grapes. Other antioxidants are Catechin and Sapponin which research has determined to help in reducing the risk of developing heart disease alongside Resveratrol. Another antioxidant that is getting notice lately is Guercitin, which is thought to prevent lung cancer.

The Health Benefits of Red Wine

• In a research from New York State University about red wine and it’s benefits to our health they found out that there was a 68% reduction in the risk of developing colon cancer among those who drink a healthy amount of red wine.

• Another research from Mount Sinai School of Medicine found out that red wine reduced the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in the older population.

• This wine has been found to contain to polyphenols that helps in preventing cavities caused by the Streptococcus mutans bacteria and also for curing inflammatory gum disease.

• As mentioned earlier red wine prevents cholesterol and high blood pressure due to its ability to prevent platelets from sticking to each other thus preventing blood clots from forming. When blood clots form, they may get lodged in the smaller blood vessels that are found the heart and brain and when this happens a heart attack or a stroke occurs.

• There are recent studies that say that this wine is good for maintaining a healthy prostate gland.

• This wine is also being thought to reduce the risk of developing Barrett’s Esophagus, which is a condition that is the antecedent of cancer of the esophagus.

Of course this does not mean that you have to go on a drinking spree because too much of a good thing can bring about bad effects as well. Consuming red wine for reasons of health is not really good for those who have problems with substance abuse particularly alcoholism, those who are already suffering from diseases that will be aggravated with the consumption of alcohol such as liver disease, depression, and pancreatitis.

The key to getting all of the health benefits of red wine that we were mentioned earlier in the article is to consume it with moderation in mind. By this we mean that in order to get the most out of red wine, men must drink up to two glasses daily while the women should only drink a glass per day.

As some one that enjoys drinking wines, you will also want to stay current on the most modern wine racks.

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