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Wall Wine Rack

A wall wine rack can be a great way to store wine so that it ages properly and is displayed in a fashion that you can be proud of and shows off your favorite wines.

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Use of a wall wine rack is best suited for storage of your wine if you live in a small home like an apartment or condo or have limited space that can be dedicated to this task.  If you are short on floor, table or surface space the wine wall rack is a great solution.

This type of modern wine rack comes in a variety of styles, designs and shapes.  They can accommodate anywhere from one to several bottles at a time.  As well, they are made of a number of different materials from wood, glass and plastic to metal, aluminum and stainless steel.   Many of the more modern racks seem to be favoring metal, steel and even  ornamental wrought iron.

Before we go too far into the details of wine wall racks it is important to note, even warn, that it is very important that the wall wine rack needs to be well secured to the wall.  There will be a lot of weight and stress put on whatever hanging mechanism you use—so make sure that you have taken adequate precautionss to secure and anchor the wine rack to the wall.

When making a selection for your wall rack keep in mind how many bottles you may want to be storing.  Also, make sure you have a space that will fit the size of the rack you want.  There is nothing worse than buying a particular piece and getting it home only to find out it won’t fit into the space you had in mind.

Keep in mind that for long term storage of your wine, you will want to place you wall rack in a cool dry area of your home.  If this area does not get direct exposure to the sun, that will be best. 
The best wine wall racks are those that store the wine horizontally. 

When wine is stored in this fashion the cork stay moist, which is what you want and there is wine covering the top of the bottle.  This will prevent from air seeping onto the bottle and causing spoilage. 

Finally storing wine this way will allow the sediment to settle to the bottom length of the bottle and away from the opening.

When you make the decision to get a wall wine rack you will have to decide if you want it professionally installed or if you will do it yourself.  Often it will depend on how big the piece is.  Smaller racks will be easier to attach and install to the wall.

There are also kits online where you can buy wall racks that you can build yourself.  Quite often making your own wall wine rack can be a great idea because you will display your favorite wine with a true sense of pride knowing you made the rack yourself.

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Wall Wine Rack Selections 

Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall Mounted Wine Rack, Brushed Staineless Steel


Nine Bottle Wall Wine Rack

Wall-Mounted Wine Rack, 9-Bottle Capacity, Black


 Ornamental Wall Wine Rack

Vineholders Collection--4 Bottle Wall-mounted Rack

Wall Mount 5 Bottle Rack

Wall Mount 5-Bottle Wine Rack - Black


wine wall rack

Wall Mount Vineyard Metal Wine Rack


Scroll Wall Mount Wine Rack

42" Wire Form Fleur De Lis & Scroll Wall Mounted Wine Rack


Ten Bottle Wine Rack

10-Bottle Mid-Century Wall Rack




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